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BookHolderStore Music Lights


Music Lights

Whether you're  lighting a conductor's podium, an orchestra or band music stand, a grand piano's music rack, a choral music folder, or even just reading a book, these LED music lights will provide thousands of  hours of use at very low maintenance.  And just look at everything else they can do!

Super GigLight image




Super GigLight

This is the most versatile clip-on music light we've ever used.  It's also the most powerful, putting out 4 times the amount of light as the closest competitor we offer, the XtraFlex Duet2. 

The Super GigLight features a double folding mast, putting its light head higher above your pages, providing a wide dispersion of light that's ideal for reading both music and books.  From a height of about 7" above your pages, it will light an area greater than 20" wide by 12" deep. 

The Super GigLight was designed from the ground up as a clip-on light for a musician's music stand, where really great contrast is a must.  It incorporates a multiple LED head and lens that disperse a true white light across an extra-wide area.  Both put out considerably more light than the XtraFlex2 or XtraFlex Duet2 while the Super GigLight generates about 4 times the amount of light as either the GigLight or XtraFlex Duet2.  See the comparison output chart below.

A strong clip, that opens up 3/4" wide like an oversized clothespin with rubber padding on the gripping surfaces, secures either light to your music stand, grand piano music rack, many of our book holders and a host of other surfaces, and either may be used free standing, attached to a podium, or clipped to a tool, utility or medicine cart.  Perhaps best of all, both LED heads are rated for 50,000 hours of use without replacement of any bulbs! 

Each Super GigLight runs on 4 single use or rechargeable AA batteries, and 4 alkaline batteries are included with your purchase.  You should get about 8-10 hours of good light on a set of alkaline batteries and 4-5 hours on rechargeable batteries.  The light actually runs much longer, but grows progressively dimmer.  Weighs about 7.2 oz including batteries.

The Super GigLight come with a handy carrying pouch to keep them from harm while being transported, and an optional A/C adapter is available.  CLICK HERE to buy it now.


These lights are the highest quality and highest output clip-on music lights we've ever offered.  Their uses are almost endless, and we heartily endorse them for reading music, books, magazines and other materials, doing craft projects, for use as a craft light, boat light, sewing light, hobby light, etc; however, we do have two caveats you should consider:

First, the Super GigLight puts out a lot of light.  If you're considering using either for reading in bed or elsewhere so as not to disturb your partner, you might want to consider a light with less output. 

Second, the Super GigLight weigh about 10 ounces, including batteries, and the design of the clip puts most of the weight above the highest part of your book or whatever it's clipped to, making it a bit top heavy.  If you're considering holding it manually, such as attached to a choral music folder, it may be hard to hold comfortably for extended periods of time.  Therefore, we recommend they be used where they won't be clipped directly to your book, hand-held music folder or portable book holder.

XtraFlex Duet 2

The XtraFlex Duet 2 builds upon the strengths of the XtraFlex2 by adding a second flexible gooseneek with 2 more Super LEDs and then increasing the length of each neck to about 11 inches (including LED head) for greater reach and range of adjustment.  It's available with or without an A/C adapter, and an optional, weighted magnetic cradle attachment is also available that both improves stability on a flat surface and enables you to secure your light to virtually any ferrous metal surface, such as your refrigerator door, car wheel panel, tool kit, fishing tackle box, metal forms box, etc.  Designed first and foremost as a music light, it also makes an incredible book light, or task, podium or craft light.  Each head has its own switch which toggles through 3 positions: Off, two Super LEDs on, and one Super LED on, so you can select just the right amount of light for each head.  It may be used either as a clip-on or freestanding, and its goosenecks coil compactly for easy storage.  Weighs only 3.7 oz. with batteries.  Runs on 3 AAA batteries, not included, or optional A/C adapter.  Optional Cradle Base Attachment makes the light even more stable on flat surfaces and includes a magnet that can hold your light securely to virtually any ferrous metal surface.

CLICK HERE for more details and to buy the XtraFlex Duet2.

Pedal Board LED Light

The Pedal Board LED Light is an adaptation of the XtraFlex Duet2 and is a must for every performer who uses effect pedals on stage. Two red Super LEDs, for night vision, allow a performer to light the pedal board without effecting the stage lighting. Two white Super LEDs provide optional lighting for seeing set lists or other information at the musician's feet. It's also a great tool for backstage too! Switches provide two light levels for each head, dual flexible arms provide infinite maneuverability, optical grade lens provide evenly distributed light with no hot spots, and the whole assembly easily bends for compact position or storage. Extra strong bowed clip grips almost anything, or it may be secured to any flat surface with the included hoot and loop strips. Operates up to 20 continuous hours on one set up AAA batteries (included) or may be powered by an optional A/C adapter (100-240 volt, not included).  An optional Cradle Base Attachment has 4 non-skid rubber feet, makes this light even more stable on any flat surface, includes a magnet that will hold your light to any ferrous metal surface, and features a spring-loaded clip for easy attachment and detachment.

CLICK HERE for more details or to buy the Pedal Board Light

So there you have several innovative designs from which to choose. Select the music light that's most appropriate for your application and you'll never again have difficulty reading the notes because of low light levels. Save your eyes and your money!

As with all our products, your total satisfaction is backed by both our 30-day Return Guarantee and our Product Warranty.  And  with our Volume Price Discounts, the more you buy the less you pay per unit!  Order several today...

GigLight LED Clip-on Book and Music Light - Black

Super GigLight Music & Book Light - Black
(Includes light, pouch and 4 AA alkaline batteries)

Price: $69.00

This item is currently out of stock

Readers Light - XtraFlex Duet2 LED Book & Music Light

XtraFlex Duet2 LED Book &
Music Light, Deluxe Set - Black
(includes A/C adapter but no batteries)

Price: $39.99

Special Sale Price: $34.99

Mighty Bright LED XtraFlex 2 Book Light - Silver

XtraFlex2 LED Book Light - Silver
(Includes 3 AAA batteries.
Optional A/C adapter available.)

Regular Price: $16.99

Special Sale Price: $14.97

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