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We began developing BookHolderStore in 1997, and your loyal support has enabled us to serve book lovers and musicians around the world ever since.  Effective January 1st, 2012, we elected to change our business model and no longer sell to retail customers  We appreciate your years of loyal support; and we wish you many years of reading and music making pleasure, we hope made more pleasurable with our book holders, book lights, book stands, music lights and other products.  

If you're searching for products similar to our OpenPage bookholders, we encourage you to explore "book holders"Book Holders and/or "book covers"Book Coves on or search for "paperback book holders"Paperback book holders. For our reading light products, search at for "Mighty Bright Book Lights"Mighty Bright Book Lights or "Mighty Bright Clip-on Light"Mighty Bright Clip-on Light . For our floor standing book holders, visit and search for "Levo Book or Tablet PC Stand"Levo Book or Tablet PD Stand. Enjoy your reading!

Finally, if you've arrived here looking for the book "Politics In Healing" by Daniel Haley, please click on: Politics in Healing: The Suppression and Manipulation of American Medicine.

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